Chuusai is a Scala consulting and training company

Chuusai has been working with Scala since it first became publicly available in 2004. We have unmatched expertise with the language and its tools. Along with our partners and associates we have considerable experience in the financial, scientific and high-performance domains where Scala excels.

Scala Consultancy

Chuusai can support your move to Scala — from initial evaluation; through incremental migration or greenfield development; to successful deployment of production systems

Scala Training

Chuusai provides a complete portfolio of Scala training courses — from first steps in Scala to advanced techniques; the practicalities of tools, libraries and frameworks; and successful strategies for migrating from Java to Scala

What is Scala?

Scala is a new programming language for the Java Virtual Machine. It combines advanced object-oriented and functional concepts, which give it enormous productivity and expressiveness benefits over Java. Scala is fully interoperable with Java, preserving existing investments in software, tools and skills.